08 February 2010

For people who know anything about music composition

Dear I,

When ii and IV first set us up, I knew this was a relationship that would last. We may only have one thing in common, but what can I say? You're the tonic to my leading tone. You truly help me become better- more perfect... more authentic... I've had so many bad relationships in the past, what with vi always deceiving me. When I'm not with you, I feel like my 5th is doubled and I'm missing my 3rd. I'm always on edge; nothing can be resolved without you there. Although there are times when you frustrate my leading tone, or when I get upset with you and double it, I want you to know that I think you are beautiful all the time. Even when you're all mixed up. (in fact, I love it when you're in second inversion...)

I miss you dearly, but I know it will only be four measures before we meet again.

Your Love,

Written by Hannah Done

Also, edited a little by yours truly.

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