In which i reposts his "About me," for time and all eternity.

I'm an 18 (now 19) year old freshman at the best university in the nation. I'm currently studying mechanical engineering, and originally planned on going in to engines systems. Unfortunately for the school (and maybe for me?), it's not exactly enthralling. I'm beginning to get really bored, and it is failing to keep my interest. So, within the next two years (hopefully) I'll be able to change my major to something that may end up interesting me more.

I'm currently receiving a massive scholarship, and I need a 3.25 to keep it. Honestly, it's not that big of a deal. I'm (quite frankly) a very smart person, and (I like to think) I'm more mature than is typical for my age. I prefer hanging out with people older than me than people my own age--I rarely get together with people my own age, unless someone several years older instigated the event and invited me.

I'm (once again, pretty frankly) a very lazy student. Almost anyone I know can attest to that fact. But I still manage to keep a stellar GPA (or, at least, did in high school, and have a decent one after my first semester in college). I think I have a good sense of humor. I can take a joke, and then make another one as my come back right away. Some people don't think I'm funny, but that's because they don't understand my type of humor (Probably my favorite type of humor is irony, followed closely by sarcasm.)

My church is everything to me. Beginning in June, I will serve for two years as a missionary to the people of Taiwan, teaching them about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I'm currently enrolled in Chinese 101, and enjoying it about half the time. The other half the time, we are having quizzes or tests.

I'm not currently employed, although during the last couple of summers I was a professional lifeguard at the local swimming pool. I've also worked for my dad in the past.

I love my gadgets. Herehereherehere, the list goes on. Although those are my four favorites. I am self sufficient, in that I buy all the fun things I want for myself. I love to read books, which explains why my Kindle is one of my top four favorite gadgets (and trust me. I have a lot). My favorite book is Ender's Game. Honestly, Ender reminded me of myself at a young age.

Some of my pet peeves: Stupid people (does this sound mean? Probably. However, it's VERY true), people who break facebook etiquette rules, and (most importantly) people who try to know more than they do. Yeah. No. Don't do that.

I love babies. The best type of baby is someone else's, though. Then you can give it back when it starts to cry, poop, or eat (which are the only things babies do besides lay around and get held). But really. I do love babies. They are my favorites.