07 December 2012

Best moment of the day.

A young woman sighed deeply. "He's just so handsome! I can't look at him enough! And today is my last chance to stare at him all class!" This was the sound of her despair before class started.

She wasn't talking about me. She was talking about our teacher, Professor H. And the crush that she's had on him since the beginning of the semester. As she mourns the nighness (that's not a word) of the end of the semester, she continues to say "I just want to stare at him all the time!" She peters out mid-sentence as she catches sight of Professor H. (who had just walked in) as he walked into the room.

She was not speaking quietly.

Professor H. looks confusedly, as we all start ROARING with laughter. Professor H. suddenly comes back from the world of his brain. He looks at us confusedly and says "What? What just happened?" Which only has us laughing more.

The following facebook conversation ensued (Can you tell which one came first for my practicing? It only gets better from here.) Colors coordinate cross-conversation. I'm brown.

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