12 March 2010

The Lord of The Rings

So. Last night, I went to EQ Basketball. And it was fun. Even though we lost. Those of you who know me may realize that I don't actually do anything athletic. You could probably tell that by looking at me. But I forced one of my buddies in to going to ward choir. He told me only if I went to basketball with him. So I did. And he's going to. (Just for the record, I really do like basketball. But the EVMCO choir that I'm in rehearses on Thursday nights, so this was the only one I actually could go to, because we had our concert last week.)

Anywho. After we finished our game, we were listening to the LOTR soundtrack on the way home. (I even forced him to give me a ride. [ =). Chunky (not real name) said "I'm going to go home and watch LOTR!" I told him I was coming too. To his house. At 8:00 at night. (We're good friends, so it wasn't weird.) So we went to his house. At this point, we were both pretty exhausted, so I bring you some of the hilarity that ensued. These are all direct quotes. I wrote them down (or typed them in my phone, as the case may be). And these are them.


"They should have made Shadowfax [Gandalf's horse] a unicorn. So he could like impale people in the battle and stuff." - Chunky

"He wanted people with him so they could have a party on the way!"-Chunky
"Potluck in Rohan!" -Me

"Why'd I think Eragon? It is late. It is late." -Chunky

"I like how he used his Jedi mind trick to get his staff inside." -Me

"Come on, Elfeyes!" -Chunky
"He's under the magic cloak! I see him!" -Me

"They ripped off so many things from Harry Potter." -Me
"Like what?" -Chunky
"Like the invisibility cloak. And the magic! Who does magic besides Harry Potter?" -Me
"Voldemort" -Chunky

"How did he get on the horse?" -Me
"It laid down for him and he magically shifted up. Remember? They stole from Harry Potter!" -Chunky

Yeah. It was a funny night. And we didn't even make it to the end of the movie.


M-Cat said...

Your pie chart for LOTR is perfect. I confess, I never saw ANY of them. I tried. Really I did. I fell asleep. And then the boys restarted it for me and I made it until they started speaking some sort of elvish language. That was it for me. I bailed.

Wonder Woman said...

Husband and I just watched Fellowship the other night. He fast forwarded all the parts in the Shire.

And we decided that there's definitely NOT enough magic in the movies. Especially with the wizards involved.

Melinda said...

So I'm slow AND I'm a dork. This one time my husband and I watched LOTR extended versions every night. It took us an entire week to finish. Nice.

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