18 November 2012

Long time no see!

So, I don't know if anyone still comes around here ever. But I'm still alive and kicking.

What have I been up to, you ask? Oh wait, you didn't ask? That's okay, because I'll tell you anyways!

I got home from the mish about 4 months ago (July 3rd, to be exact). At that point, I immediately (Seriously. July 5th) started school (an online class).

And now I'm back in the full swing of it. I'm at (My State) State University, studying Accountancy. I'm also going to get a minor in Chinese, because it's easy, and after next semester is over, I'll only need 6 more credits for it in the next 2 years.

I was doing engineering before, but I realized that I didn't really care about it or find it that interesting, so I left and went to the business school. I think it was a good decision so far. Now, if only I could force myself to actually study. That would be really good.

Other than that, I'm just working for my parents a little bit. Livin' at home, not really doin' anything. You know, the RRM (Recently Returned Missionary) life. But yeah. It's a good gig.

That's about me. What about you? (Once again, if you're still around to read any of this. Not to sound desperate or anything, but if no one replies to this, I'll just write in my journal. It's a better place to write to myself if no one is interested.)

And if you do want, I'll keep y'all updated on what I'm up to, some of my favorite mission stories (I promise. You'll never meet funnier people than Taiwanese ones) and anything that catches my interest (like the whole Apple-Google-Samsung-Motorola-Microsoft debacle. I'm a tech nerd. What can I say?)

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mCat said...

YAY!! A post from one of my all time favorites! Keep writing. The blog world kinds a withered away while you were gone. Well, people are still blogging but very few are commenting. Everyone reads and then moves along, so if you don't see comments, that doesn't mean you're not being read and appreciated!