19 May 2010

In which i tells you about the 100 Hour Board

100 Hour Board

I promised you all a while ago that I would post about the 100 hour board, remember? Yeah, well here's that post.

Much of my online presence today is due to this website. I kind of love it, and all the writers (and most of the readers!) for it as well. Here's the gist: You ask a question, and 100 hours later, the answer will post at that link above. Ever wondered what alligator poop looks like? They've got you covered. Do you have a desire for a music playlist? Just ask Claudio, HFAC (Hey! it's Foreman And Claudio!), Foreman, Cognoscente, or any of the other writers and they can give you awesome recommendations (not that I necessarily listen to that kind of music, but... yeah.)

On the more serious side, FNA gave a great dissertation on LDS views on other religions. There are also allllll sorts of questions about relationships.

It's 100% free, so if you have any questions that you want to know the answer to, but are too lazy to find out for yourself, go to the Board! They are awesome. And I'm their favorite.

Since 1/2 of my readers already read the board, this one is directed specifically at the other 2 of you. [ =


Leslie said...

Only slightly related,

One time my aunt had a blog post where she asked a bunch of questions about BYU. All but one of them I could link her to a 100 hour board question about. The other one was about BYUSA, which was too general for me to tackle.

So yeah, the 100 Hour Board is awesome. *clearly one of the 2 readers that already knows about it*

M-Cat said...

Well since I was just about to go google a question, I think I'll hit this website instead. Who knew? Not me